“Anyone can fucking make a resin tint. And anyone can make a bat-wing-quad-swallow-tail wood keel. Spend some time and do it. It’s bitchin’. (But) it’s a hobby.”

(An addendum from Toddy: I think I should say that I don't think the boards in the show are shitty. I think I say that a few times in the interview. But I was hopped up on caffeine see, and I was thinking more along the lines to a preponderance of non "high performance" standard shapes. And that's the special sauce. The weird stuff. The "shitty" stuff. And then of course I watch all these boards march through the door this year and I remember how incredible the craftsmanship is on the boards. Just over the top. And I think to myself "hmmm probably shouldn't have called those boards shitty. Someone isn't gonna get my perticular vocabulary...")