Derek Hynd on his addition to the pantheon:

"These are the shapers that evolved one person's surfing. Ideas may have been provided but there were things improved, found, in the translation. Col Smith, very deep concaves through a long twin fin with the fins just above 4 inches tall and sitting much further back. Terry Fitzgerald, translating his ideas of the Col twinny but knifing up the rails, flattening the bottom, to retain most of the speed whilst delivering quicker response in the turns. Ronnie Woodward, bringing both the past boards over those four years into the magic board that got me into some serious rankings - the speed and precision of a twinny without any hint of drift. And Hank Warner who built the best semi gun I ever owned, 6'9"and so dependable the way in its pivots. I guess these four boards sum up the first part of a career."