There will be many incredible experiments presented over two days. We tried to pre-document as many as we could, and those will be captured in WAX Magazine's bespoke zine created for the event. But our submissions are open still, frankly. Have a board, bring it buy (just sign the release.) Albert Shelton has been brewing an idea for some time. We're excited to see it. We'll be even more excited to try and ride it at the Fish Fry(e). 

"The idea to do this for IDNW has been brewing for a while....the seed started to grow since I've been at my job at an art handling warehouse and have watched industrial amounts of waste made by the fine art industrial complex. 

Logistics of getting anything from the immense waste at my job in queens back to Brooklyn without a car led me to trash pick this goldmine stash of foam and card in my neighborhood after work today, on the night before trash day tonight…

Somehow I found this all basically within 4 an hour. I plan to use packing tape and maybe hot glue which could require buying a glue gun verdicts still out on glue. Its a total experiment and since I missed IDNW last year and because I've been dying to shape something, this seems like the perfect chance to go nuts on something."