SMASH Productions is pleased to announce the New York Premiere of “A Day Late & A Dollar Short: The Dale Egan Story” in conjunction with the It Doesn’t Not Work Surfboard Show on Saturday, April 25th  7:30PM at Picture Farm Gallery. The screening is free and opened to the public. Directed by Australian photographer Ben Cregan, ’A Day Late & A Dollar Short’ is a portrait of an original punk surfer, living on the fringe of a modern world. Dale Egan is a man who refuses to conform to conventional life in a contemporary society. This biopic follows Dale’s journey from being a 70′s surfing prodigy to 80′s punk pioneer of Luna Tech (an avant-garde furniture store/arts enclave in Sydney), which led to a decade of drug use, creativity and self exploration. Sacrificing potential wealth, family and security Dale perseveres with a surfer’s life and philosophy loyal to a less complicated era and reclaiming the artifacts of a disposable society. The film challenges its audience to reflect on the way chance, consequence and values shape a life, its opportunities, losses and moments of grace.

Surf scribe & legendary surfer Derek Hynd will be on hand to talk about his good mate Dale Egan. 

NY Premiere of A Day Late & A Dollar Short: The Dale Egan Story

Date: Saturday, April 25th, 7:30PM